In 2022, Lindham Agro operating as Lindham Investments Group became the first company to be awarded a contract to supply and distribute two thousand metric tons of D compound fertilizer and two thousand metric tons of Urea fertilizer to fifty-eight districts across Zambia. The distribution was under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services. The selected districts were dotted across Lusaka, Northern, Western and Luapula provinces, others included Central, Southern provinces. 

The national official launch was held in the Western Province at Mongu stadium on 11th July 2022 under the theme “Enhancing food, nutrition and income security at household level”.  

The launch and distribution exercise of farming inputs was dubbed the wetland cropping component of the food security pack. The pack was introduced in 2000 as a social safety net program whose objective is to primarily empower vulnerable but viable farmer households. The program has three areas of interest namely rainfed cropping, wetland cropping and alternative livelihood initiative. 

Speaking when she flagged off the distribution exercise at Mongu stadium in the Western province, Community Development Minister Doreen Mwamba explained that 58 districts in wetlands areas benefited from the Programme.

“We are here because this activity is one of the promises of the UPND administration led by President Hakainde Hichilema, who she said promised Zambians that he was going into government to improve the agricultural sector at the household level to meet household and national food security,” Mwamba said. 

Ms Mwamba appealed to the suppliers of fertilizer and inputs to ensure that the farming inputs are delivered on time so that farmers can apply the inputs as planned thereby achieving the objective of the program at the household level. 

After the flagging off at Mongu stadium, the activity shifted to Ikwichi, Limulunga district where the minister and her delegation found hundreds of farmers showcasing various agricultural products such as beans, maize, cassava, and chickens and goats among others. 

“The mandate of the ministry is to provide and facilitate the provision of equitable social protection services to communities to contribute to sustainable human development,” the minister said. 

During the exercise Lindham Investment Group was the sole distributor of the fertilizer while other companies supplied seeds. Lindham is delivering the inputs to fifty-eight districts across the country.

What you need to know about Lindham Agro

 Lindham Agro is a leading wholly owned Zambian fertiliser and commodity company founded in 2015. The primary business of the company was the supply of farming equipment and farm work. The company identified a gap in the Zambian fertiliser and commodity markets, forcing it to integrate into the commodity market in response to the need for a company in Zambia that would supply premium chemical fertiliser and provide appropriate extension education support to farmers on best farming practises required for optimising fertiliser use in the farm business.

Lindham Agro specializes in the distribution of both chemical and Liquid Fertilizer. Lindham is focused on supporting the agricultural sector.

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