Safety & Quality

Lindham Group is committed to conducting business in a way that safeguards the health and safety of all employees, contractors, customers, suppliers, business associates, and the communities in which we work and live.

All occupational injuries, illnesses, and environmental incidents, we believe, are avoidable.

We will work hard to achieve zero incidents at work, at home, and in the community.

We will implement, monitor, maintain, and comply with all regulated environmental requirements, and we will be environmental stewards in our community.


Lindham Group will provide the necessary leadership, resources, systems, training, and practises to achieve this objective.

Lindham Group will rely on well-trained, safety-conscious, and responsible employees at all levels to conduct rigorous self-inspection, report incidents, and share benefits from Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy related learning opportunities, whether these incidents and/or experiences take place here or elsewhere, promote Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy awareness on and off the job, anticipate and mitigate potential hazards, and comply with all applicable regulations.

As a condition of employment, all Lindham Group employees, contractors, suppliers, and business associates are expected to prioritise the safety of themselves, others, and the public.

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