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The company ensures that the right fertilizer is provided to the farmer by conducting soil analysis for Macro and Micro Nutrients and using soil test results and analysis as the basis for recommendation of the correct type and amount of fertilizer.

The company’s business has continued to grow in the supply of fertilizer in Zambia and Southern Africa. The growth of the company has been made possible through the support of various partners such as manufacturers in Dubai, India, China and local agro dealers that are dotted throughout the country who sell our product. Therefore, our products are well positioned for effective distribution in Zambia, Malawi, Congo DRC and Zimbabwe.

The company has depots/ warehouses located strategically to ensure optimal distribution of fertilizer to the small-scale farmers in all the ten provinces. This ensures that the farmers have access to affordable good quality fertilizer.

Furthermore, Lindham Investment has a wide network of experienced third-party logistics providers/ distributors of agricultural commodities to different parts of the country at affordable rates, which ensure that small scale farmers benefit from an extra savings of logistic optimization that is reflected in relatively reduced prices of the inputs. We also have an internal fleet that ensures that our agro-dealers are serviced eficiently in different localities. This strategy enables the various agro-dealers dotted across the country throughout the ten provinces to provide good quality and relatively cheap fertilizers to our farmers. The company is also in the process of setting up a 150,000 MT blending bland in Mumbwa district that will service the local farmers and also export the surplus to neighboring countries.

Agribusiness and Extension Support Services

How Lindham Investments 
Determines the Right 
Fertilizer for the Farmer.

Lindham Investments chemical fertilizers are precisely formulated to provide the right targeted nutrition that suits specific situations. Lindham Investments recognizes that the type of soils at a particular farm or area may not be the same as other areas therefore there is need for a soil test and related analysis to determine the right type of fertilizer and the application rates that would be ideal for a particular crop and soil. Lindham Investments does not just sell fertilizer without due regard to the soil test results and analysis as our interest is to ensure that the farmer as a high yield in a sustainable manner.

Because of our appreciation that crops and climate are uniquely different and will have different nutritional requirements, our agribusiness approach is to use a soil test analysis to properly identify and recommend the right nutrition application treatment to meet these requirements effectively and in an environmentally friendly as well as sustainable way. Our fertilizer is specially formulated for the appropriate soil conditions and nutrient requirements of a particular crop.

Our wide
range of
Our partner manufacturers Phosagro products of Russia, produce specific blends as per our request for
different crops on the basis of soil tests and results analysis. The type of blend will depend on the type of plant/
crop to be grown and the particular soil characteristics. Lindham Investments also has traditional blends that
are suited to general soil conditions.